11 Bar Design Pressure

610mm Diameter with 1500mm Shell

Built to BS5169 – 1992 CL 3 – GR E from P265GH or BS1501-151/161-430 A/B

-10°C to 50°C and 0.75mm Corrosion Allowance

inspection by Abbotts with None

PED Category SEP modules N/A


4 X Connection(s)

50NB BS4504 or EN1092 PN16 Flanged Branch

2 X Connection(s)

1/2″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

2 X Connection(s)

1″ BSPT 3000lb Screwed

2 X Inspection Openings

100 x 80mm Oval Inspection Door

3 X Supports

50x50x6mm Angle legs Support

Wire brushed clean followed by one coat red anti-corrosion primer

Drawing Number 8951 Rev 0