What is a Blowdown Vessel – why are they needed?

Boilers are blown down at regular intervals or can be done continuously. Blowdown Vessels are needed to remove the suspended and dissolved solids that build up inside boilers.These occur naturally as a result of raising steam. If not removed then it can cause foaming and overheating in the boiler.

Due to the rapid discharge and extreme temperature of the water, this cannot directly enter the drains and must be safely stored and cooled first. There is also a huge risk to people who work in the vicinity of a poorly protected discharge. The Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) have produced a document which gives details of the requirements for BG03 Blowdown Vessels CEA document

Abbott Blowdown Vessels

To meet the requirement for Blowdown Vessels Abbott have a standard range of Blowdown Vessels which are all BG03 compliant. If a bespoke vessel is required we can take care of the design & manufacture so that the dimensions, connections and connection placement meet your requirements. We understand that one size does not not always fit all.

For details of our standard range click Blowdown Vessel Range.


Our blowdown Vessels are CE marked and built to either PD5500 CAT 3 or ASME to BG03 (was HSE PM60)

Sizing of Blowdown Vessel

We are able to calculate the size of Blowdown Vessel required on your behalf. The size of vessel required can depend on many factors, some are explored here in our boiler blowdown sizing page