What is a Surge Vessel?

A surge vessel is a type of Pressure Vessel that controls the water Pressure in water pipelines and systems as it travels through the water networks. Surge happens when there is a change in the flow rates of pumps at the pumping station, uncontrolled pump trips or when valves are opened or closed along the pipeline.

They are vital because uncontrolled water surges damage pipelines and infrastructure causing water to be wasted in the process. Indeed problems with water surges are a huge and costly issue for the water industry.

Negative Pressures happen more frequently and also contravenes DWI compliance on potable water due to the risk of contamination.

Design Codes

The Surge Vessels we manufacture are  PED compliant using Design codes PD5500 and ASME.


Material of manufacture can be Carbon Steel: P265GH (BS1501-151-430A), P355LT (BS1501-224-490B) (Low Temperature).

Working Pressure

Cyclic loading calculations can be done as part of the design process, with working pressure to meet the system design.


Internal DWI approved finishes possible in surge vessel e..g. Copon Hycote, Resicoat , Leighs Waterline P300 etc. or we can meet the demands of many paint specifications with our in house blasting to SA2.5 and painting. We will subcontract to a number of tried and tested painting contractors for specialist paint finishes.


As Abbott Surge Vessels are bespoke all connections can be place to meet your Surge Vessel Application. Manholes can be used up to 900NB.

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