What is a Vacuum Vessel?

Vacuum Vessels are used in many different industries. The food packaging industry use them in order to preserve food by creating an airtight seal. By removing oxygen from inside the packaging, colour, taste, flavour and texture of food is preserved.

The medical industry also use Vacuum vessels. For example, during the dentist to create suction or by surgeons during operations in order to remove unanted fluids.

Design Codes

Our standard vessels are designed to BS 5169; however PD5500 Cat 2/3 or ASME is also available.

Design Pressure

Designed to operate from Zero bar to Full Vacuum OR  1bar negative

This video is what can happen if the tank isn’t designed to cope with a vacuum: YouTube Video of Tank Imploding

Design Temperature

As required


Standard vessels coated in primer with the option for gloss paint. Paint finish (internal and external) is available to meet your requirements.


Abbott Vacuum Receivers come Full CE marked; PED compliant.

Option of Legs or Brackets.


 Vacuum Vessels can be designed with bespoke saddle plates as shown here to support the pump

This Vacuum Vessel looks so stylish we couldn’t help having a little bit of fun!