9 Bar Design Pressure

1372mm Diameter with 1000mm Shell

Built to PD5500 – 2012 – CAT 3 from P265GH or BS1501-151/161-430 A/B

0°C to 95°C and 1mm Corrosion Allowance

inspection by ABS with None

PED Category CAT 4 modules G

Group 2 Gases

1 X Replaceable Rubber Bladder(s)

Suitable for cold potable water (50% acceptance level)

1 X Connection(s)

65NB BS4504 or EN1092 PN16 Flanged Branch

4 X Supports

Angle legs Support

Gritblasted to SA 2.5 followed by a DWI Reg 31 approved paint system suitable for potable water

Drawing Number