4 Bar Design Pressure

550mm Diameter with 1960mm Shell

Built to PD5500 – 2009 – CAT 3 from P265GH

0°C to 250°C and 1mm Corrosion Allowance

inspection by Lloyds Register with 100% UT & MPI

PED Category CAT 3 modules G

Group 2 Gases

2 X Connection(s)

300NB BS4504 or EN1092 PN6 Flanged Branch

1 X Connection(s)

25NB BS4504 or EN1092 PN6 Flanged Branch

2 X Supports

Cradles Support 500mm high

1 X Other

Internal diffuser – drilling excluded

4 X Other

Internal MS Silencer Mounting Bracket(s)

2 X Other

Lifting lugs

Self colour

Drawing Number (Orig)8216 Rev 2