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 It’s also 5 great reasons to buy!

5 reasons why Abbott & Co. Stainless is painless, So here we go….

   1. We have real live people at the end of the telephone ready to discuss your requirements Stainless Steel requirements. You will not be able to see it but we will be smiling!

When you telephone our Sales Department with an enquiry it will be either Abbie, Nathan, Caroline or Elliot who will answer. If you need to ask some real intense heavy duty technical questions you could have a chat with Heather who is our Sales Director.

It may be that you have a general arrangement drawing and specification sheets that you need to send us also. We are able to quote for many different Design Codes such as PD5500, EN13445, ASME to name just a few. We manufacture in Stainless 304 or 316.

The Sales Team will get a quote over to you as quickly as possible; if you have any questions just pick up the phone and lets talk!

   2. We can Design and Manufacture a bespoke pressure vessel. In other words you get exactly what you need.

Once you place an order with us your Design requirements are passed to Mark who is our Technical Director In the Design Office.  Mark will produce a CAD drawing for the manufacture of your Pressure Vessel. Mark may telephone you to clarify your requirements; communication is key!

Stainless Steel welded assembly EN 13445

Stainless Steel Welded Assembly EN 13445

   3. We Manufacture Great British Pressure Vessels

We manufacture in Newark,  Nottinghamshire (since 1870) Doesn’t this make it easy if you need to come and meet with us, inspect your vessel at different stages or accompany your customer to inspect the vessel? Always happy to meet and greet and show you around; we are proud of what we do!

PD550 CAT 3 Stainless Steel Blowdown Vessel

4. The finish you want; you got it

Stainless Steel Vessels can be supplied as manufactured and cleaned, pickled and passivated or bead blasted like the Blowdown Vessel pictured here. It’s your vessel so just tell us what you need.

5. Repeat orders are easy

Once we have done the initial drawing for you then ordering next time is quick and easy. We just repeat the same great job we did first time round only quicker as the Design process is already previously done!

Now that you know at least 5 great reason why purchasing Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels from Abbott & Co. is painless; do you have an enquiry we can quote for? Either contact us on 01636 704208 or if you are a little shy please send over your enquiry by clicking on the link.

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