Our BOC / Hancock HL2 – Linatrol HL90 Profile Burner (oxy acetylene / propane) replaced by a CNC plasma Cutter

With a westinghouse tracer / magic eye scanner

Cutting area = XXX meters X XXX meters

This can cut 6″ thick of steel ! Show me a plasma cutter that can do that !

Uses Pittman Motors with gearboxes

This is a properly built machine with a decent solid cast iron body and heavy rail tracks.

It’s well maintained, and is still currently used daily by us in the maufacture of pressure vessels and air receivers and has been for over 30 years by the same man !

With magic eye line tracing attachment by westinghouse

It is being made redundant by a new machine that cost over £40K

Can be seen here cutting holes for nozzles in the steel shells for pressure vessels here at your works in Newark
Please visit www.air-receivers.co.uk or ring 01636 704208 to buy it.