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Biofuel fabrication project video – Abbott & Co. in action

You may recall in a recent blog we shared how proud we were to work on a biofuel fabrication project with ETP services.

In case you missed the blog,  sit back and watch the video to find out all about it!

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Got a project of your own?

This is  just one example of what we can do. Hopefully you have felt some of the passion we have for engineering and new challenges. Do you have a new challenge for us? We would welcome the opportunity to work on any future projects with you.


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As with the biofuel tank above, all that limits us is the size of the factory door. Many thanks to the skill and patience of Gillivers Haulage on this occasion!


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We have  a range of Design codes in use such as ASME, EN13445, PD5500, BS5169, Lloyds Class, ABS and  DNV for example. The perfect Pressure Vessel for you is totally possible.

Please telephone us on 01636 704208 to discuss any requirements that you have or alternatively click on the link below.

Together we can get a quality job done!


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