No not the sort of Rolls you pull up outside Buckingham Palace in -we have bought Dennis a brand new set of bending rolls !

4 roll double pinch, and 3 meters long they  are more precise, larger and faster which will improve our quality, speed, and capacity – rounder, thicker and longer ! – sounds like an Andrex advert !

Dennis is keeping a very close eye on them – we’re not sure if he’s actually going home in the evenings or staying to polish his new toy.
Boring technical information beneath only for those with a strong constitution for pressure vessels..

Double initial pinch means you only have to feed the plate from one side saving time in rotating the plate to preset the second edge off the pressure vessel shell.

The fact that the plate never leaves the rolls means that the alignment of the two edges is perfect.

The hydraulic drives give excellent control and very accurate roundness.

Pressure vessel design codes require a minimum amount of flat on the vertical seams. Being double initial pinch these roles allow us to get that Barry initial bend in the plate leaving little or no flat on the longitudinal seams. EN13445 pressure vessels, ASME air receivers, Lloyd’s class pressure vessels and PD5500  all have slightly different code requirements for this amount of flat.

Heat exchangers, pressure vessels,  air receivers, expansion vessels, surge tanks etc. all require round shells.